Frequently Asked Questions

What is HID Xenon Lighting?
HID stands for High Intensity Discharge and is also referred to as Xenon. These type of headlights, are a new generation that are fitted to most luxury and new cars as an optional extra. They produce over 200% more light than standard halogens but use less power! On the road, HID Xenon lighting systems emit a bright beam of cool white light which resembles natural daylight. This bright white light offers greater visibility and as a result better road safety. The tint in the white light depends on the color temperature of the bulbs used. The light can be tinted a warmer yellow at lower color temperatures, white at mid range temperatures and tinted blue at higher Temperatures. The bright white beam offers greater visibility and road safety. The way high Intensity Discharge (HID) produces light is fundamentally different to conventional halogen bulbs. Halogen bulbs depend on a heated filament to produce light where as Xenon HID lamps produce light by creating a high voltage ‘arc’ between two electrodes. This process causes the xenon gas contained in the lamp to ionize, emitting an intense bright light. The whole process is controlled by the ballast units attached to each lamp.
What are the main Advantages of HID lighting over Halogen?

Xenon HID lights produce 200% more Lumin than standard halogen lights and intense light produced is similar to daylight. The result is clearer vision during night time driving.

With drastically improved vision and visibility on the road, improved safety comes hand in hand. Early recognition of obstacles, road works, pedestrians, cyclists, road markings, signs, and other traffic and road users can only improve road safety and driver comfort and could save lives.

Unlike standard halogen bulbs whose life is measured in hundreds of hours, Xenon HID bulbs life is approximately 3000 hours. In practical terms, the life of the bulb is equal to that of the car, meaning that bulbs need replacing only in exceptional cases.

Better lighting leads to earlier recognition of objects, pedestrians, cyclists, road workers etc. Earlier recognition of road signs and road markings is an important factor in accident prevention. Additionally, Xenon HID lights also make it easier to be seen by other road traffic. Better lighting delivers an active contribution to road safety and driver comfort and can save lives.

Xenon HID bulbs consume around half the power (wattage) of conventional halogen lights, 35w as opposed to 55-65w. With HID lights your cars alternator has less load on it, the cars fuel consumption will be improved and the car will produce considerably less emissions.

HID lighting, latest in car headlamp technology, creates an aesthetically distinctive, cool light and a striking presence, that you cant help but associate with the most prestigious of high end auto vehicles.
How can I get HID Xenon lighting on my car?
If your car does not come with a factory fitted HID system and you haven't fitted one yourself then you are going to need to fit one before you can get the real benefit Xenon HID bulb offer on your car. There are some bulbs that are have some Xenon luminescence capability and do not require a kit (We advise sticking to a brand that you can trust: Philips Xtreme and Osram Night Breaker bulbs) but these are just fancy halogen bulbs and don't even come close with the real thing. For the real thing you will need to install a HID Kit. There are a variety out there and the kit you choose will dictate the bulbs you can use. Not all Kits or bulbs where made equal are made to the same standard. Some will give fewer options and quality so choose your kit carefully. We recommend using a brand you can trust like Philips or Osram not cheaper "no-brand" Chinese made knock offs that will have significantly shorter lives and may not perform as well. At HID Origin we take pride in supplying only high quality HID Kits and bulbs.
What is Kelvin (k) and colour temperature?
HID Bulb are categorized by Kelvin (k). A Kelvin (k) is the basic unit of a temperature measurement scale. 0 (zero) k being the coldest temperature theoretically possible and is about −273.15°c!! So what does it mean if your HID bulb is 4300k? That sounds hot!! In HID bulbs the Kelvin temperature scale is NOT an indication of the heat the bulb produces (They actually operate at lower temperatures than Halogens!). It instead refers to the COLOUR of the light emitted. As a result we call it the “colour temperature”.

Confused? Don't be, just remember that the K value indicates the colour of the light and that the range is from warm yellow at 3000K, to White with yellow tint at 4300k, to pure white at 5000k, to blue tint at 6000K, to cool blue at 8000k and then cool purple at 12000K.

But there are some other things to consider besides just the color of the light when choosing your ideal colour temperature. Light output is also affected by the colour temperature (Bulb manufacturer also plays an important role too). OEM is 4300K and without a question gives the most amount of light. As you move in either direction the light quality becomes dimmer.

Lets take the highest quality bulbs as a case study: PHILIPS 6000K HID Bulbs are 25 Lumins dimmer than the PHILIPS 4300K OEM HID Bulbs.

6000k is where I would draw the line, higher than that and you may think you look cool but you begin to loose the visibility advantage of having HID bulbs! And this is with the best bulbs on the market, if you opt for cheaper knock off 6000k bulbs, they can produce up to 70% less light than an OEM Philips 4300k!
What is OEM?
OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer and refers to the, products or components which are used on new factory made vehicles. The term "aftermarket" is used for non-OEM replacement parts. In the world of HID headlamps Philips and Osram manufacture the OEM HID bulbs that are widely used in cars in North America/Europe. OEM Philips and Osram Bulbs come at color temperature 4300K only.They do how ever manufacture bulbs at other color temperatures too but these are aftermarket. Even when buying aftermarket, we recommend using a brand you can trust like Philips or Osram not cheaper "no-brand"; Chinese made "knock offs" that will have significantly shorter lives and may not perform as well. At HID Origin we take pride in supplying only high quality HID Kits and bulbs.
What are Lumens (Lm)?
The lumen (symbol: lm) is a measure of the perceived power of light. The higher the number is, the brighter the light is. Standard halogens produce around 1000lm whilst good quality HID bulbs produce around 3200lm. Light output (Lm) is affected by the colour temperature and bulb manufacturer. Philips are at the cutting edge of HID technology and, without question, give the most amount of light output. Of all Philips HID lights 4300k has the most light output. As you change colour temperature in either direction the light quality becomes dimmer.

For example: PHILIPS 6000K HID Bulbs are 25 Lumins dimmer than the PHILIPS 4300K OEM HID Bulbs.
Cheaper knock off 6000k bulbs, they can produce up to 70% less light (Lm) than an OEM Philips 4300k!
How easy is it to install a HID Kit?
Our kits are ready for DIY installation out-of-the-box! They come with a complete set of easy-to-read, step-by-step instructions to guide you. These plug and play kits should take no more than an hour to install but duration will depend on your vehicle. Some vehicles are easier than others and some may require an additional bulb holder/adaptor eg. BMW E46. If in doubt or if you get stuck just get in touch with any member of our experienced team and we would be happy to help. Our HID Kits are as easy to uninstall as they are to Install, maybe even easier! No modification is required to install the kit so if need be, the entire kit can be removed and the original halogen bulbs replaced hence restoring the factory condition. For anyone who is not mechanically inclined, your local garage should be able to fit/remove them competently.
What does a HID conversion Kit include?
A HID Kit consists of all the elements needed to fit HID Xenon lights to your vehicle. This would include:

- 2 x HID BALLAST (to control current)
- 2 x HID BULBs (size and color temp. is your choice)
- Necessary wires, plugs, mounting double sided tapes, cable ties and relay harness
Can I install HID lights on high beam as well as Low beam?
Yes you can. Please refer to your car user manual for high beam lamp size or contact us for the information at
I have Plastic lenses, will the heat from HID lamps damage or melt them?
No, they won’t. HID lights actually operate at lower temperatures than Halogen lamps. The color temperature so often talked about only refers to the color of the light not the actual temperature the bulb emits.
What do I do if my vehicle is not on your list?
Please have a look in your Car user manual for the type of low beam bulb your vehicle then search for your lamp by name on Alternatively, just contact us by email and we will promptly point you in the right direction.
My new LED bulbs don't work!
LED bulbs are polarity sensitive. If they are not connected the correct way around they will not work. But don’t worry, this will not damage the LED. Simply turn the bulb 180 degrees and refit. If correctly orientated should work just fine.
How can I tell if my ballast has failed or my bulb needs replacing?
If one of your HID headlights has stopped working the first test you should do is to establish if it is a bulb or ballast failure. Check 1. Look over your wiring and connections. Look for loose connections worn cables etc. Check 2. Try switching the fuse to one you know works. Check 3. Try switching the bulbs over. Put the "non-working lamp" on the headlight that was working. If it works then the bulb is fine! The failure is probably the ballast.
Check 4. Find out if power is getting to your ballast using volts meter: With the lights on, use the meter to measure the supply voltage to the ballast. If the supply voltage is present a replacement ballast will be required. Warning: Do not operate the ballast with damaged wiring or the bulb disconnected.
Are HID origin bulbs the same as the bulbs found on High end Vehicles?
Bulbs, Ballasts and Other parts that are factory fitted on many high end European and North American cars can be found on These will be labeled OEM and represent the highest quality products on the market.
My order hasn’t arrived yet!! What should I do?
Yes. Customer in the UK can simply choose the next day delivery option in the check out process. Customers in Europe and the rest of the world must contact to request this option.
My order hasn’t arrived yet!! What should I do?
If you have received shipping confirmation and the quoted delivery time (or 4 working days in the UK) has passed and you suspect your order is not arriving enter the tracking information provided by HIDorigin on your chosen shipping providers website to locate your parcel. If this does not resolve locate your parcel please contact and report the failure. Also check with your neighbours to see if they have accepted the delivery and check with your local postal sorting office, who may have held the order even if they have not left a card. If your shipment has still been located after these initial checks and allowing for the recommended delivery timescales, please contact us at and we will investigate the matter further. PLEASE NOTE: Customers have up to 21 days from the date of dispatch to report an undelivered order, beyond that point HID Origin will be unable to help.
How can I avoid a blown bulb warning after installing my new Conversion kit or LEDs?
This problem is caused by a system called On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) fitted to a lot of modern cars. It is responsible for monitoring the circuitry in your vehicle. Changing your headlights from 55w to 35w can trigger error warnings. Likewise LEDs which vary in their power use from the original LEDs can cause errors too. HIDorigins conversion Kits and LEDs come with built in error cancelation systems so this shouldn’t be an issue. If It is please contact us with the make and model of your car at and we will find a way to satisfactorily resolve the problem.
My new LED bulbs don't work!!
If you find that your new LEDs are not working this may be because they have been installed the wrong way around. LED bulbs are polarity sensitive meaning they have positve and negative points which must be appropriately connected. Incorrect installation in this fashion will not damage your LEDs and simply turning them around 180 degrees should resolve the problem.
Are HID conversion Kits Legal?
In the UK, fitting an aftermarket HID kit, that being, replacing a halogen bulb with an HID bulb, is not technically legal. Because of this HID Origin sells HID conversion Kits for off road purposes only. If you require any further clarification on the issue please contact and we will do our best to inform you further.