How To Install an Aftermarket HID Xenon Upgrade Kit : PASSAT

The installation here was performed on a 2002 (B5) Passat 1.8T. The procedures should be very similar for all Passats.. actually its very similar for Audis, Volkswagens and every other car too! But the Passat has a metal bracket bulb holder, (also found on some other cars like the BMW 7 series) that makes it a little trickier.  

Hid upgrades can be added to any vehicle but IMO, only cars with a projector style headlight, like the 2002 Passat, are a good candidates. Why? Well the with reflector headlights, depending on the car, the bright Xenon lights can get out of control and glare oncoming traffic. Projectors keep your beam pattern in shape regardless of bulb type (Halogen or Xenon HID)

1). Choose a trust worthy and compatible HID kit:

       To Avoid bulb out errors it is advisable to buy an error free kit. The built in resistors will mimic the behavior of your old halogens keeping your vehicle happy. Cheaper kits tend not to be error free and cheap error free kits tend to be troublesome and costly in the long run. Be smart and go for quality and value for money. Not cheap made in China!

H7 HID kit

You will also want to think about the colour temperature you would like to go for 4300k will be white with amber hint, 5000k will be white with blue hint and 6000k will have a stronger blue hint. I wouldn’t recommend over 6000k. 4300k is OEM colour temperature and also the brightest, as the colour temp increases the lights become bluer and dimmer. Often the colour you see on vehicles with factory fitted Xenons is 5000k even tough the bulbs are 4300k originally. This happens because 4300k bulbs will naturally shift towards 5000k over time.

2). So you’ve got your error free kit with digital/canbus safe ballasts now all you need to do is fit it. You’ll need a Philips screw driver, Stanley knife and plyers. You can also use silicon sealant but if fitted well it shouldn’t be necessary.

3). Look at your kit and understand how it connects up.

       This shouldn’t take much thought. A good kit should be self explanatory and only plug together one way. It should also come with a legible instruction manual.

Blesk HID kit

Note 1: Before messing with electrical bits, you really should disconnect your negative battery terminal. (I didn’t, because I’m lazy)

Note 2: Don't touch the bulbs. (same applies to Halogens) The oil and moisture on your hands will cause discoloration, shortened life, and in some cases, cause cloudiness of your headlight.

If you touch the bulb you should clean with rubbing alcohol.

4). Remove any plastic bits that are in the way

For my 1.8T, I removed the airbox cover, the airbox inlet from the core support to the airbox, and the power steering reservoir cover.The airbox cover lifts right off, as does half of the airbox inlet. The leading portion of the inlet is attached to the core support by three Phillips screws. Lastly, the power steering reservoir cover is held on by two clips underneath the cover.

5).Now you should have easy access to the rear of your headlights. The low beam H7 halogens are located behind the dome shaped rubber cap/ dust cover. Remove the rubber caps and remove the halogen H7 bulbs. This is done by releasing a metal clip then pulling the bulb off the harness assembly. Also remove the metal bulb holder from the plastic harness. (This holder may be plastic on some Passats.) Ok.. we will come back to that holder later..


6). But first lets mount the ballasts.

 Find a secure and safe place to cable tie your ballasts that is within easy reach of your HID bulb cables. There are a number of options just make sure that once in place they are firmly held, not swinging and rattling around for obvious reasons. I mounted them next to the power steering fluid container on the passenger side and beneath the air inlet next to the headlight. Make sure you consider the route of the wires and watch for moving components.

change bulb passat

7). Next thread your HID bulb cables through the bulb holder. This is easier said than done! This is probably the most tricky part of the whole process. If you have metal clips most people opt for just cutting a split in one side with wire cutters which allowed it to “stretch” on to the bulb base. I chose to trim down the corners of the bulb connectors so the y could squeeze through and cutting a radius in the rubber gromit to snake it through too. (If you have a plastic holder, use a Stanley blade to shave the opening a little wider so the plugs and gromit squeeze through.) ..


fit xenon bulbs passat


passat bulb holders


 … Alternativly you can remove the connector plugs and re-attach them after. You just need plyers to do this and spare KET connectors are sold on at

8). You are not done with that metal bulb holder yet.. the last step is to use your plyers to fold down the two tiny metal protrusions that stop your new H7 Xenons siting flush on the metal. Just bend them flat.

passat bulb holder

9) Use your knife to cut 25mm diameter holes in the rubber dust cap and secure the HID bulb gromit in the hole. (Optional: seal with silicon)

dust cap passat

10) Put your HIDs in place in the headlight and secure metal clip. Be sure to install the bulb with the wire, or "bar" at the top. If the bar is below it may cause a shadow in your beam.

11) Plug it all together. Start at the power harness, plug the spade connectors from the kit to the harness of the OEM headlights. Blue goes to Yellow (12v) and Black goes to Brown (ground). (CHECK YOUR INSTRUCTIONS)


passat change bulb

next hook up your ballast. There is only one way it will go. Finish by reconnecting the -ive battery terminal if you disconnected it to start with.

Also, now’s the time to disable your DRLs. Why is this nececarry? DRLs supply a limited current to dim your headlights in DRL mode. This limited current can damage the HID ballasts and cause your HIDs to be “all f-ed up”. How do you disable your DRLs? Simply reach on up under your dash (the fuse panel is on the drivers side, on the side of the dashboard) and pull relay number 173. That’s it.

12) Start your engine and fire up the HID brilliance!

Your lights will need 10 minutes to break in after firing up the first time so use this time to clear away tools and put back the bits you pulled out, Airbox etc.

 Xenon vs halogen


Enjoy your Xenons!!

Sorry the pictures are poor. I used a camera phone on this one :? I will try and update the pictures and add some night shots in the near future..

Cheers Vin